Motorized Blinds - Ensure Maximum Child Safety and Convenience

In our smart world when everything is becoming less labor-intensive yet safe in your home, window blinds are no expectation. You want to make sure that blinds help keep your room warm, pop your room décor, and are safer for your children. Let me tell you a fact on average, two kids under the age of six years are injured by window blinds every day. The danger comes with cords found in traditional blinds and shades. It becomes risky when toddlers and young children become curious about their surroundings. They may reach blind cords and entangle themselves, thus leading to injury. The best solution to this is replacing traditional blinds with cordless, motorized blinds to ensure maximum child safety inside the home. 

Blog - Motorized Blinds-Ensure Child Safety

Why Motorized Blinds for Child Safety

Window Covering Safety Council suggests cordless treatments from window covering as the safest option for kids and pets. Cordless blinds are a great becoming entangled in the cords. Moreover, they offer more enhanced functionality, beauty, and ambiance as compared to the traditional window covering. With motorized shades you are sure that there are no cords to grab a child’s attention. Cordless window treatments with motorization allow you to achieve peace of mind since you can control them with a press of a button, voice controls, and even with smartphones from anywhere. Another benefit of cordless blinds is you can fir them with child safety devices to help eliminate hazards and prevent any accidents from happening. You may go for roller blinds, Venetian blinds, roman blinds, or even motorized curtains- depending on your room settings.

Motorized Blinds-Ensure Child Safety

Other Window Covering Tips to Ensure Child Safety

Make sure to schedule your motorized shades. You may want to raise them in the afternoon when kids are playing and close at night, so your kids enjoy quality sleep. Move any objects, such as cribs or furniture, away from the window to keep curious kids from crawling up onto them. If you need time to replace corded shades, make sure to tie cords up and out of reach of kids and toddlers. When buying a window covering, look for the “Best for Kids” label to ensure that covering has been certified.


There are so many benefits to motorizing your blinds and child safety is only of those reasons. If you want to learn more about motorized blinds head over to our article. Are motorized blinds worth the investment?

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