New Health Canada Regulations for Corded Window Coverings: The “Flex Wand” – A Safer Solution for Blinds

If you have corded window coverings in your home, you may be aware of the recent regulations introduced by Health Canada aimed at improving their safety. Corded window coverings, such as blinds and shades, have been associated with a risk of strangulation and entanglement, especially for young children. To address this concern, Health Canada has implemented new regulations under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) that came into effect on May 1, 2022.

The Corded Window Coverings Regulations require that corded window coverings sold in Canada adhere to certain safety standards, including limitations on the accessible cord length. However, for those living in condominiums or apartments with corded window coverings, finding a suitable solution can be a challenge.

One innovative solution is the “Flex Wand.” The Flex Wand is a chainless alternative that limits the exposure of cords, reducing the risk of strangulation and entanglement. It features a flexible wand that allows users to easily adjust the blinds or shades. Its sleek and modern appearance seamlessly blends with any decor, enhancing the overall look of your living space. Simply flick then pull the wand to raise/lower the window coverings.

To demonstrate how the Flex Wand works, here’s a short video:

As you can see, the Flex Wand provides a simple solution for operating corded window coverings, making it a safer option, especially for homes with young children or pets.

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